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BMW, Mini and Roll-Royce revealed Its Future vision with Next new concepts cars

The German car manufactures continues to celebrate its 100 year celebration by showcasing concepts. Also, all of these concepts also depict the future of BMW’s autonomous cars.

  • MINI

The classic Mini has been trying to be turn a glassy type house with modern technology with cutting edge features. The front seems like exactly as the retro Mini face, but with hexagonal glass tries to make a massive different look of  the current car’s layout. 
The side and the rear  views are where it is able to carries more acceptable friction less drag force to make an smooth running action of the current car design & also the floating roof, which may helps to view display the classic race strips at its or the equipments’ directly. Talking about other features, the exterior bodywork is  available with an integrated with The New an electronic screen mechanism, which displays all sorts of shapes and colors.

The Interiors of this new Mini available with the current essence of the generation technology integrated with the car. 
The front dashboard is a rail-like element which allows driver to interface easily with the steering wheel and 
the pedals to slide to any side of the dashboard. 
So, this concept is no longer bound by the country you drive in or the very concept of ‘driver’s side’.  
It also carries the retro dial at the center of the dash, which changes all sorts of colours.

  • The Rolls-Royce's Next vision 

As per the outlooksit will be called the yacht,but it is definatly like this new design of Rolls Royce takes to the classic era Rolls Royce imagination. 
It is obvious that the vehicle is electric, so it means that Next Gen Car of The RR takes a li'l step towars green energy which helps organisation as well as the entire world to step into new future.More space helps it liberate for the luggage compartment in the car's the front & back hood. There is only one door for entry which devide into twoparts which suggest that it will lead into a suicide door and a door to offer easy enternce & leave easily. you can also search its video on YouTube.

Talking about interior, The massive cabin is laced with a thick layer of carpet and high quality silk,with massive look of the exposed wood panels. It also gets a wide landscape-like screen that could probably tell the futuristic sucess of the concept car.


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