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Top Concept vehicles that make more impact on Automotive industry From Model T to Hyper cars.

The automobile industry's revolution from Ford Model T to Bugatti Vayron and also Grown up with Hyper Cars in the world. These alll are made to make achive the speed of ocean like Vroomm  with effective efficieny and human conversation with it. All new models with different kind of asspect with more effective features and more comfortable drive whether it would be seadan , hatchback, Economical, Sports OR any other all are fore here for the perticular purpose.

Trending now a days Electric Motor vehicle  called the Greeen Cars of the future are also try to step into market. The effective use of renewable sources are at the high pick. It will more comfortable for nature as well as Human Being.  Tesla is one the compney that makes all efforts to make eletric vehicles more reliable as well as available to all people.

Invention Of IC engine is revolutanary invention but now to makw whole effort to make our future pollution free that is replaced by Electric Motor which is powers by Battry.  That may keeps power to altornator.

There are tremundus of diifrent technology appliences applied on these vehicles. But in this video shows my favourite collection of automobiles with technology. Starting with Ford's Model T with Simple mechanical allighnment of cross members with no extra features besides of sitting arrengement , while compare these to current trends automobile vehicles eqquiped with touch screen navigation , Front and rear parking cameras, ABS Anti lock braking system, Fully Air bags with a/c  & heating system, Automatic pressure sensor in wheels , Automatic rain sensing device and lot more.

Even in Mercedes F0105 concept you just dont need to concentrate on road while driving OR your hands on the wheel. equipped with stunning interior with mobile connect feature that u can also ables to access your vehicle through Smart phone. Updated front panel navigation with touch screen interfarance , shows all the information including GPS and road condition. Also there are many sensers that on F105 that helps to navigate any thing that interface to it automatically whether it is object or Human.Highly illuminated LED bulbs that consumps low power helps to ake it more reliable and powerfull. It is Fully ZERO emmision future car of the world.

Audi invented new interface screen panel that shows temprature level all through vehicle , GPS system in 12.3 inch TFT display covers 1440*550 of rezolution.all are is available in Audi's new Cockpit virtual Technology.

Talk about Tesla, they made history with electric vehicles to sell all over the world. Last model of Tesla is Model 3 with awsome fluent design features , Luxary , cool interior with more entertaning features inside it. This car has 17 inch of touch screen navigation screen panel in side of driver's seat. To make all comfortable change whole over in the car it can be able to adjust by one click on panel. It make more rich content to driver with out any distraction on the road. so it means less accidents & happy life more and more.

Not ony four wheels are on pick about that point here also is a two wheeler scoother that makes much attraction with people. The strating of scooter only possible with bluetooth 4.0 connedcted with smart phone of user. makes more connectivity gives full information about battry charge level also u can give more illumination to bike's head lamps through application. Means more comfortablr and easy to handle it with more custamization.

How we can forgot the BMW's leser powered head lights. One of the gratest invention of the year goes to BMW for leser head lights. ables to make your path more illuminate upti 650 yars which is twice more than conventional headlemps of car, These are more intense to give illumination with less power consumtion. It can also stop with camera based laser beam technology, if car is shining head lamps on opposite side han camera beam laser system makes side illuminate path to an predefined angle than default. these makes more comfortable driving situation to opposite person when driving in night. so no more blinded drivers and nomore accidents. That aso ables to detact human or Aniaml on roads more than 300 feet away, that helps to prevent any accidents.

Keep with Us ....Auto Thunder.


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