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Why batteries are more powerful than Gasoline ?

It's trending now a days that automotive vehicles is propelled by Batteries than gasoline fuel. There are many clear advantages of use batteries. some are listed below..
One time investmentMore economic than gasolineTurbo Charger that helps to charge batteries in few minutesCharging station is available at may points which are few miles away from each provides more comfortable space
One time investment it is face that most of batteries are costlier. the main reason is that the materials used in batteries. It's Lithium Ion. Which is more costlier than other materials. So its obvious thing that the manufacturing cost is higher of batteries.
economic than gasoline Now a days  except the Gulf countries gasoline prices are hiked much and much. import and export charges added to its value extra. So it will be difficul to anyone that beat this kind of Mony exchange programme with transportation. On the other hand Batteries are easy to charge with any kind of power sources. L…

Facts about Tesla and it's gigafactory you should know..!!!

These are some fun facts about Tesla Motors you should know about it Tesla motor was't the first to share it's patents. Nicola Tesla the scientist invents AC Appliances  and sold them less than 2% of their value Tesla motor's is the second oldest among american automaker behind the ford. some how some other companies were not listed as publicly.Tesla Model S is the first car that receive Motortrend's car of the year award. It's like unforgettable moment for Elon Musk.only 23% of Tesla's Stock owns by Elon Musk.Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning NOT by ELON MUSK.Tesla is huge,but not so huge as compared to companies such as FIAT, SUZUKI or ISUZU.Tesla bets $ 5 billion only on growth to make batteries for 500000 vehicles .After these all successful year for Tesla but there are only 52 showroom in US and canada,There are only six parts needed to change for regular maintenance of Tesla model. It includes only four tires and two wipers. LOL,Tes…

Upcoming super cars of 2017 and 2018

It's so much interesting thing that car manufacturers from all over the world takes a forward step to make world more closer with the new inventions of automotive technologies. As taking this point in current generation super car is not just enough but if we using hyper car it'll be batter for it.
some cars like this will be available in market as soon as possible such as..

Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar The car has been announced as a collaboration between Aston Martin and the Red Bull F-1 racing team. It’s expected to have a $3 million price tag and be available as a limited edition. It will go on sale in the year of 2017.
Aston Martin Rapide The four-door Rapide gets a plug-in electric motor next year. Ferrari GTC4Lusso When it decided to freshen its FF four-seat grand tourer, Ferrari renamed it the GTC4Lusso. Rear-wheel steering was added to boost the appeal of a model launched five years ago as a practical ultraluxury sports car aimed at wealthy families. The GTC4Lusso will…

Types of control switches used in Automobile

Introduction: There are three basic types of control switches. These are low, dual and high pressure switches. Pressure sensors and Trinary switch are also used.
Pressure switching devices :Low pressure switch   

Reacts to the pressure in the low side (suction side) of the system, generally the accumulator and disengages the compressor clutch if the pressure drops below approximately 1.5 bar.On an FOV system the low pressure switch and cycling switch are often the same device.
Dual pressure – high pressure switch and condenser fan switch
Two pressure-sensitive switches are contained in the high pressure switch. One of these switches acts as a safety switch to prevent excessive system pressure.The second switch switches the condenser auxiliary fan on to its second setting at approximately 20.7 bar and off again at 17.2 bar.This switching process improves the performance of the system in cases of excessive heat.
High pressure switch A single normally closed pressure switch de-energises the…

Different types of starting motors used in Automobiles


This system uses a brake fluid (Preferably ethylene glycol) to transfer the pressure applied by the operator from the controlling unit to the actual brake mechanism, which is usually at or near the wheel of the vehicle. Most vehicles in India prefer to have drum brakes on rear wheels while disk brakes on the front wheels attached to the hydraulic controlling unit.
In order to produce the combustible mixture, Compression stroke and a form of ignition the minimum starting speed must be achieved. This is where the electric starter comes in. It is not possible to view the starter as an isolated component within the vehicle electrical system. The battery in particular is of prime importance. Another particularly important consideration in relation to engine starting requirements is the starting limit temperature. As temperature decreases, starter torque also decreases and the torque required cranking the engine to its minimum speed increases. TYPES OF STARTER MOTORS: Inertia st…

Automatic transmission and Torque converter

A torque converter is the component that makes automatic operation possible. An automatic gearbox contains special devices that automatically provide various gear ratios as they are needed.
AUTOMATIC GEARBOXES:Most automatic gearboxes have three or four forward gears and one reverse gear. Instead of a gearstick, the driver moves a lever called a selector.Some automatic gearboxes have selector positions for park, neutral, reverse, drive, 2 and 1 (or 3, 2 and 1 in some cases).Some more sophisticated types with electronic control just have driven, park and reverse positions.The fluid flywheel or torque converter is the component that makes automatic operation possible.The engine will only start if the selector is in either the park or neutral position. In park, the drive shaft is locked so that the drive wheels cannot move.It is also now common, when the engine is running, to only be able to move the selector out of park if you are pressing the brake pedal.This is a very goo…

Spark ignition advance Mechanism

Introduction:            The purpose of spark advance mechanism is to assure that under every condition of engine operation, ignition takes place at the most favorable instant in time i.e. most favorable from a standpoint of engine power, fuel economy and minimum exhaust dilution. By means of these mechanisms the advance angle is accurately set so that ignition occurs before TDC point of the piston. The engine speed and the engine load are the control quantities required for the automatic adjustment of the ignition timing. Most of the engines are fitted with mechanisms which are integral with the distributor and automatically regulate the optimum spark advance to account for change of speed and load.
Ignition advance basics:Ignition advance is the condition when ignition of fuel occurs earlier than the correct ignition timing. Ignition of mixture takes place near the end of compression stroke.If the ignition is advanced it means fuel-air mixture will burn too early before the end of co…

Basic of Tire Design in Automobile

Introduction:Although tires are often taken for granted, they contribute greatly to the ride and steering quality of a vehicle. Tires contribute to directional stability of the vehicle and must absorb all the stresses of accelerating, braking, and centrifugal force in turns. Tire design varies depending on the operating conditions and the load capacity of the tire. Tire Design   Tire construction varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of tire. A typical modern tire contains these components:
1. Bead wire,  2. Bead filler,  3. Liner,  4. Steel reinforcement in the sidewall,  5. Sidewall with hard side compound 6. Rayon carcass plies,  7. Steel belts,  8. Joint less belt cover,   9. Hard under tread compound,   10. Hard high-grip tread compound
Tires designed for improved steering   Tire design varies depending on the operating conditions and the load capacity of the tire.A tire designed for improved steering and handling characteristics has nylon bead reinforcement and a hard bead…