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How to spot FAKE wheels ? Know how dangerous they are.!


Many fake wheel manufacturers skip essential safety testing. as they are not Willing to pay for the cost of such evaluations and Just want to get the Wheels made as cheaply as possmle.

Fake Wheels are often made With gravity casting. which leaves the wheel With irregular areas of density and lacks the compresswe strength reqUIred by safety standards for wheel manufacturing.

Most fake Wheels do not have a proper protective finish applied. leavmg it vulnerable to serious corrosnve damage.

Fake wheels are rarely tested for performance factors such as dynamic fatigue, braking, cornering and impact. all of which are basic checks for genume wheels.

The materials used in the manufacture of fake wheels are often qUIte porous. making them highly susceptible to cracking or completely shattering.

Fake wheels are manufactured to generic measurements, meaning that they won't meet the requwed fitments to satisfy the vehicle's brake system or suspenston.


Check the rIm to see the country of manufacture and If there Is a brand stamp present. Genume rIms WIII mostly be manufactured In Europe. USA or Japan.

Compare the weight of the rim with that of a genume rim. If it feels heavier than the genuine rim, it Is most likely a fake as they are often made from heavy low-grade materials and produced at a low cost.

Compare the rim with photos of genume rims to see If any of its main features are slightly skewed from those of genume rims.

Ask your local garage to inspect the rim. They Will soon be able to dec pher if It is a fake or the real deal.

Myth : Fake wheels are just as strong as genuine wheels.

Fact : Fake wheels are conSIderably weaker than genume wheels and are also far more susceptible to cracking &
bending. The Inadequacy of the materials used In the manufacture of fake wheels. In addition to the substandard gravity caung method. also contributes to a product that Is nowhere near sturdy enough for Its Intended purpose.

Myth :  Fake wheels will last for the same length of time as genuine wheels.

Fact : Fake wheels are not tested for durability against the effects of road salts. chemicals or other elements. Therefore, they are highly vulnerable to corroSIon, which Will make the wheels qUIte unsafe and cause them to expire far qumker than genume wheels.

Myth:' Fake wheels will fit your vehicle just as  Ideally as genuine wheels.

Fact : . Due to the total absence of fitth testing in the manufactunng process, fake wheels Will not ht your vehicle properly If you put fake wheels on your vehIcle, they will cause major Vibration and could rub against the suspenston

In October 201 5, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCN) m Australia carried out a series of tests on genulne manufacturer wheels and fake wheels pertaining to the same car maker.

The tests carried out on both wheel categories included chemical & radiographic analysis, dye penetrant. tensile, hardness & impact testing, and metallographic (microstructure) assessment.

When the test car was driven over a pothole at 50km per hour (31 mph), the genuine wheels comfortably withstood the impact both at the spokes and between the spokes.

The tests carried out on both wheel categories included chemical & radiographic analysis, dye penetrant. tensile, hardness & impact testing, and metallographic (microstructure) assessment.

When the test car was driven over a pothole at 50km per hour (31 mph), the genuine wheels comfortably withstood the impact both at the spokes and between
the spokes.

When the test car was driven over the same pothole at the same speed. except with fake wheels fitted, the wheels shattered upon impact both at the spokes and between
the spokes.

The fake wheels also encountered severe porosity and heat tearing from inconsistent cooling after casting. When the genuine wheels were put through the same test, there were no flaws afterwards.

The engineers involved in the tests noticed impurities in the fake wheels that resulted in gaseous pores, most likely from excessive amounts of hydrogen or oxygen during manufacturing. Some of these pores were visible with the naked eye and such pores weaken the structure of wheels.
making them quite hazardous.


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